Protecting Your Most Important Asset

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The Closing Process

What to Expect

When you purchase real estate, your title company gathers information about the title to the property, loans, payoffs, insurance, and other things. You come to the closing table when everything is in order. That is when you sign and legally commit to your new loan. That is when you officially take title. 

Closing Checklist

1. Determine who will conduct your closing and when and where it will be.

2. Find out how much money you will need to bring to closing.

3. Review your closing disclosure.

4. Bring your picture ID and appropriate payment. 

Typical Closing Costs

Common fees on the closing disclosure include:

  • Origination, points, and underwriting fees charged by the lender

  • Appraisal, survey, and inspection

  • Title insurance premium, attorney's fees, and settlement costs

  • Recording fees, taxes, and insurance

  • Real estate commission


Most title issues are resolved pre-closing. Oftentimes, buyers and sellers never have to hear about the behind-the-scenes curative work that goes on pre-closing. This is because most consumers choose to purchase an owner's title insurance policy.

Title insurance covers past title problems that are discovered after closing. Things like incorrect deeds, access issues, and liens may not be identified at the time of closing. 

Your title insurance policy protects your biggest asset.



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