Fraud Is On The Rise, And You Can Help Prevent It

Real estate scams are everywhere. Here is one way to prevent your buyers from becoming a victim.

Educate buyers about real estate fraud
Agents: you can help.


You, your buyer, a broker, or closing agent may get an official looking email that asks says "click here." It may even be on perfectly plagiarized letterhead and have pretty logos and branding. Only it's a Trojan horse and opening the link allows the hacker to see all of your emails.

Once the hacker is in the system, he waits and watches. As your transaction gets underway the hacker expertly jumps into the conversation and sends another superbly curated email telling the buyer it's time to wire their funds to--wait for it--the hacker's own account!

If the buyer doesn't verify the "wiring instructions," he or should could be out a huge amount of money.

The number ONE thing a buyer can do when they get wiring instructions is CALL your team! And DON