No will? 

What's the worst that can happen?

You work hard and saved your pennies, and you want to know your family is protected if the worst should happen.  You need an estate plan. 

Lisa Finn focuses her practice exclusively on estate planning. She is a member of Elder Counsel and the Society of Financial Services Professionals. 


Her comprehensive estate planning program addresses your concerns and clarifies your intentions. We educate you along the way, listen to you and understand your challenges. We  work together to build a plan that protects your assets going forward.  

Without hesitation I recommend future clients to Atty. Finn. They will be impressed with her proficiency in legal affairs as well as her innate ability to put them at ease. Very much like me, they will leave her office confident of a trustworthy attorney-client relationship. 

Charlotte R. Banks, Client

Sharing Knowledge


What should my child wear?

We ask that all children are dressed ready for sport and appropriately for the weather. Shorts, t-shirts and football socks are recommended, but tracksuit bottoms and tops are also suitable. Shin pads are essential, your child may not be able to take part in some (or all) of the activities if they do not bring shin pads. In cold weather, we recommend layers, so that your child can take off/put on extra layers if they get too hot or cold. If your child would like to purchase a Saints Southwest Kit, you can do so by clicking here.

Can I stay to watch my childs session?

We do allow parents to stay and watch the sessions, should they wish. Parents are also very welcome to sign their child in and leave them with us for the duration of the session if they prefer. Please bear in mind some of our venues they have viewing platforms, please could you view the session from this area.

What footwear should my child bring?

For sessions that take place on grass, we recommend football boots during the winter months, although Astroturf or moulded boots may be sufficient during the summer months. For courses that take place on 3G Astroturf or synthetic grass pitches, we recommend Astroturf trainers or moulded boots, but NO metal studs. For sessions that take place in a sports hall please wear suitable trainers or Astro Turfs.

Do I have to pay for the full term?

Yes, this secures your place for the term, you will have to book on for a new term once the term has ended. We do offer a FREE trial for all children wanting to join for the first time, which can be booked here

Do you do any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts. We offer sibling discount, to gain access to this please ring the office on 0330 2234 932. Saints Southwest also run various promotions throughout the year. We also have a Financial Support Programme in palace for those in less fortunate situations, which can be applied for here

What is the ratio of coaches to children?

Ratios differ depending on the type of session delivered; Soccer Tots (2-4 years) = 1:12 Mini Saints (4-6 years) = 1:14 Soccer Centres (7-11 years) = 1:16

Can I have a trial or taster session?

We currently offer taster sessions on all our Community sessions. Free trials and taster session cna be booked here.

What happens if it rains?

We will endeavour to keep the children playing football for as long as possible during all of our courses. If our coaches deem the weather too wet or dangerous to play safely then contingencies are put in place at each venue to move inside and take part in indoor, or sheltered activities. It is worth noting that the small number of venues that do not have indoor facilities to cater for indoor football, then these activities may include quizzes, competitions or other such football-themed games.

Football Development

Do you offer trials?

Yes, we have application windows throughout the year, while you may also apply via our application form by clicking here

How do trials work?

Trials can last between 1-4 weeks and are free of charge. During a trial, the child will be given feedback from their specific coach, while in conclusion will be offered to attend the most suitable Saints Southwest programme for their development.

How do you communicate with parents?

Saints Southwest have a unqie digital web and mobile based team communication application. You will be invited to all training and events, while you will also receive important updates via this platform. All Football Development players also use a interactive digital classroom, where players are set home practice and general football development tasks. All systems are managed by adults only.

How does payment work?

All payments within the Football Development programme are paid monthly via Direct Debit. A signing on fee is required also which is payable via our shop.

How do you monitor development?

Progress is monitored during each session, while players during the season will receive written progress reports and face to face reviews from their Head Coach.

What do I wear?

All Local Development Centre players must wear the official Saints Southwest training kit which can be purchased by clicking here. Regional Squad players are issued with a bespoke training and match kit as part of their signing on fee. Additional teamwear and apparel can be purchased from our online shop

Do you have a Strength & Conditioning Programme?

Yes. We understand the importance of being able to control your body in various ways to ensure we maximise physical development appropriately. Our Development Centre player will receive age appropriate Strength & Conditioning from their coach throughout the Development Centre training programme. We have qualifed Strength & Conditioning coaches who work with our Regional U7-U18 Squads throught the training programme. More information surrounding our Strength & Conditioning programme can be found in our Player Induction Document.

Is there specific Goalkeeping training?

Goalkeeping Development Centres - offer a chance for all goalkeepers wanting to take the goalkeeping knowledge and ability to the next level. Goalkeepers will work through the structure Goalkeeping specific syllabus each term. These sessions are based around individual needs of the players and demands of the game, ensuring all areas we regard as important - technical, physical, social and psychological are focused on With the Regional U7-U11, U12-U16 & U18-U20 Football Programme, we have specifc Goalkeeping coahces who build a unique relationship with each goalkeeper, developing their game through a Goalkeeping training programme and analysis.

What are the associated costs?

Costs vary from programme to programme and age to age. Please submit a Football Development Contact Form for more information.

What are the Saints Southwest Commandments

1. Shirts tucked in/ Socks up 2. Shake hands policy 3. Open doors 4. Greet visitors 5. Clean boots 6. On time, never late 7. 24 hour professional 8. Welcome newcomers 9. Ambassador role1 10. Be honest, tell the truth

Do you analyse games

Saints Southwest currently has one Capture Mast, a video camera which sits on top of a telescopic mast, allowing for the video recording of games. These recorded games are watched back in either video analysis sessions, and/or players are asked to watch games back in their own time to support reflection tasks set

Do players have a seasonal photoshoot?

Yes. All Regional players recieve a professional individual and squad photos, which are all branded. Players also receive personalised trophies and year books.

Do player train in the school holidays?

Yes. Both Development and Regional Players train during the day in the school holiday, usually 10am - 3pm within thier retrospective regions. Teams at times play tournaments and fixtures too.

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